Mobilisation for ROV Subsea Inspection Project

 In 2021

CCC (UE) continues its strong reputation of undertaking large subsea inspection projects.

Our Seaeye Leopard 1706 WROV, is once again engaged in subsea pipeline & umbilical external inspection operations in the Middle East region. The inspection campaign will cover several subsea assets totalling an accumulative survey distance of over 650km.

The CCC (UE) owned and operated Saab Seaeye Leopard 1706, remotely operated vehicle (ROV), is fitted with three HD cameras (1080i), Bathy suite, SVP, CP, laser line generator and dual profiling sonars. The WROV is being tracked subsea using a combination of a Sonardyne Mini-Ranger 2 USBL system from the DPII vessel and a Sonardyne SPRINT-Nav 500 all-in-one subsea navigation system installed on the WROV.

In addition to providing the ROV system, CCC(UE) also is able to provide clients with surface and sub-surface positioning survey services, which can also include the acquisition, processing and reporting of inspection data.

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