CCCUWE welcomes a new addition to her fleet

 In 2023

The “Wadad Aletheia” is a 149.5m, DNV DP3 DSV/OSV, with DP-enhanced reliability.

A multi-purpose Ice Class Diving Support and Subsea Construction vessel built for worldwide subsea operations, including operations in coastal waters.
The vessel has been designed and built for the following main functions:
·        Accommodate a POB of 200 persons, meeting MLC 2006 regulations.
·        MacGregor 400t offshore rated knuckle boom crane, with AHC/AT and 3,000m wire (single fall), DNV Classed.
·        MacGregor 25t offshore rated knuckle boom crane, with AHC/AT and 600m wire (single fall), DNV Classed.
·        Working back deck of 1,850m2., with a deck strength of 15t/m2.
·        Working back deck moonpool 7.2m x 7.2m, strengthened for vertical tower system.
·        DRASS i100, 24-man fully automated twin bell saturation diving system, with full NORSOK capabilities and DNV Classed to 300MSW, with two dedicated bell moonpools. Two 24-man self-propelled hyperbaric lifeboats (SPHL).
·        DRASS 3 diver/air/nitrox surface diving spread.
·        ROV hanger to accommodate 2 x WROV (side launch).
·        Fi-Fi II System with remote control monitors (3,600m3/hr)
·        60-day endurance.

With delivery at the CCCUWE base expected to be Q1/Q2 2024, the DP3 “Wadad Aletheia” is one of the largest and most capable DSCV in the world.



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